Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Post-Partum Doula Mama

I am the wearer of quite a few different hats, Mama being one, Post-Partum Doula being the other.

It is a cliche, yes!, but becoming a mother, in 2008, felt like 'coming home'. I've been blessed to work in several different fields, including Social Media Consultant, yoga instructor, Montessori Directress and Director of a local non-profit, but honestly, I think being a parent, a mama, is the bee's knees! 

My Good Man and I with our first child, aged 18 hours.

I remember thinking, in those first heady days of parenthood, just how overwhelming everything was. Those days when just showering and eating something warm was a huge accomplishment! I wished I had been able to enjoy my 'babymoon' more; honestly, I wished I had a Post-Partum Doula to come and look after me.My own journey as a parent has seen quite a few curve balls, that have prepared me well for a wide variety of Doula situations. I had a natural delivery at a local birthing center, followed by an emergency Cesarian section at a hospital. I nursed my first child without a hitch, while my second breastfeeding experience was pocked with difficulties and struggles. I am also the mother of fraternal twins; a curve ball indeed.

I was also fortunate to be invited to serve on Reston Hospital's Mother and Baby Patient and Family Advisory Council, while Reston Hospital worked towards becoming a Baby-Friendly Hospital. I held this position for just over one year.

Originally from Leicester, in England, I have lived in the Northern Virginia area for nearly twenty years. When left to my own devices I will most likely be found outdoors with a book in my back pocket, or curled up on the sofa enjoying a cup of tea.

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