Monday, September 8, 2014

What Happens at a Birth Circle

So?! What does happen at a Birth Circle?!

Birth Circles are small groups of women, usually no more than six or seven, who come together for an evening, to share their Birthing Stories, the stories about their own labor and deliveries.

The setting may be different (a yoga studio, a home, a church room) but as a group of mothers and women, we come together, sit in a circle and share our stories with each other.

After brief introductions, each mother will have the opportunity to share her own story, uninterrupted and without judgement. Whether you choose to write out your story before hand or just tell it from memory is your own choice. The very act though of sharing your story can be deeply satisfying, healing even.

The stories each Mother brings may vary greatly; some stories will be of natural births, others will be about medicated and scheduled births. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' story to bring to a Birth Circle; ALL stories are important and should be heard!

Babes in arms are welcome, as are Mothers of all ages, whether you birthed recently or decades ago. Sharing our Birth Stories can still heal.

Our first Birth Circles are being hosted at the Be Yoga Yurt in Sterling, so we will be sharing our stories sitting on the floor. While the Yurt has blankets and bolsters to sit on, you are welcome to bring other pillows or cushions if you would like. 

Please click here for details about upcoming Birth Circles, and feel free to contact me with questions, queries or make your reservation for an upcoming Circle.

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