Monday, September 29, 2014

Some Good Advice

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was interviewing Doulas to assist with the birth. After a while, some of the interviews started to blend together but two really stuck out; one was with the Doula I ultimately hired, and the other with a seasoned local Doula who gave some wonderful advice.

Babywearing one of my twins for the first time.

"Don't worry about your home" she said. "Don't worry about entertaining visitors, about getting dressed, about running errands or getting anything accomplished. Really just focus on nursing your new baby, resting and making sure you eat and drink enough."

I nodded and smiled; it seemed like good advice, but I'd be fine. I would.

Of course after the birth of my first child, I didn't rest enough, or take care of myself very well. My babymoon was spent slotting nursing in around my to do list.

I didn't follow that great advice.

My second pregnancy gave me twins, and again although it seemed like good advice, I was way too busy to follow it. Granted having newborn twins and a busy preschooler made it a little more challenging, but I bounced back from an unexpected c-section by going to parties, heading back to work with a month of delivery and keeping my home in order.

And yet again I didn't follow that great advice! And goodness, I wish I had.

Those early days and weeks are so very short. The time to spend snuggled up with our babies, breathing in their baby goodness, those days when all it seems we 'accomplish' is sitting on the sofa nursing. Those days are so precious.

Don't worry about your home, entertaining visitors, getting dressed, running errands or getting anything accomplished.

Sit. Snuggle. Enjoy. Recover. Bond.

That is my advice to you.

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